Company History

Since 1975 Sapphire’s business has changed to meet the unique needs of its corporate clients. Over the years of Sapphire’s operation, as it has changed as a company, it has also had to update its brand to better describe the sectors Sapphire does business in.

This is a brief chronological history of Sapphire’s evolution as a company;


Sapphire was born out of Sapphire Flame-Proofing and was first named Sapphire Products (Pty.) Ltd.

1975 to 1987

Sapphire was a manufacturing company that made windscreen wash, wax wash, engine cleaner and various other cleaning products that were supplied to oil companies.

During the latter half of this period, Sapphire branched out into supplying promotional products as well.


Graham Wooding (M.D.) lead Sapphire into the uniform supply sector.

During this period, Sapphire was paid a fee to provide warehousing and operational services for the first time.


Graham Wooding (M.D.) proposed to a client in the fuel industry to take over their whole promotional and uniform supply operation (using Sapphire’s suppliers).

Sapphire Products (Pty.) Ltd was able to show that, by better supply chain management and cutting out the middle man, Sapphire could send prices back by 10 years!


Sapphire Products (Pty.) Ltd. changed its brand to Sapphire Warehousing & Distribution c.c.


One of Sapphire’s fuel industry clients (BP) went to tender in November 1996 and Sapphire was awarded the tender.


Sapphire demonstrated the power of operational efficiencies by cutting costs while removing the middle man and ensuring better supply chain management.

Logo updated to Sapphire Logistics (2002)


Sapphire Warehousing & Distribution c.c. changed its name & brand to Sapphire Logistics (Pty.) Ltd.


Sapphire achieved BEE Compliance and maintained compliance until 2007

Between 2008 and 2012

Sapphire achieved B-BBEE Level 4 Compliance (and maintained Level 4 compliance until 2015)

Sapphire Logistics Logo Update (2010)


Sapphire updated its Logo, just before the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup commenced

From 2010 to 2017

Sapphire becomes a fully-fledged “Solution Provider” to Corporate Business. Sapphires’ three key solutions has become uniform supply, promotional gifting and operational efficiencies.

These optimised solutions are efficiently delivered in the fields of Product Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, Printing, Branding, Warehousing, eCommerce, Distribution, Logistics and After Sales Services.

From 2015 to 2018

Sapphire achieved B-BBEE Level 2 Compliance and maintained it until 2018


Sapphire Logistics (Pty.) Ltd changed its name to Sapphire Corporate Solutions (Pty.) Ltd. The reason for that was because the name “Sapphire Corporate Solutions” clearly describes what Sapphire does for its client base.

It also better represents the wide range of services that have increased Sapphire’s reach into the market and industry sectors in which Sapphire does business.

Branding – 2018

Sapphire Corporate Solutions (Pty.) Ltd. launches its new branding


Sapphire achieves a B-BBEE Level 1 Compliance rating