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Est 1985


Sapphire was started as Sapphire Flame-Proofing before becoming Sapphire Products Pty Ltd in +- 1975.

Sapphire used to be manufacturing company making windscreen wash, wax wash, engine cleaner and various other cleaners. From supplying the oil companies it branched out into promotional products.

Graham Wooding got involved in 1987 and took Sapphire into the uniform supply. In those days we were just paid a fee to provide the warehousing and operational services. In 1996 Graham proposed to one of our main oil company clients that we take over the whole operation (our own suppliers) and showed them that by better supply chain management and cutting out the middle man we could reduce prices by up to 10 years.

This specific oil company went to tender in November 1996 and Sapphire won the tender and went live 1 May 1997 on the new system. And the rest, as they say, is history.